12 Tips To Manage Your Money And Personal Finances

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In this movie Steve shares with you twelve ideas to control your dollars and personalized finances. Individual finance and economical scheduling is 1 of the most essential areas when it will come to wealth administration and escalating your nest egg.

In this movie you will study about the great importance of bookkeeping, budgeting, examining your credit score card and financial institution statements, tracking your cash flow and bills, investing in your instruction, and considerably more.

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42 Comments on “12 Tips To Manage Your Money And Personal Finances”

  1. 12k views so far and no one mentioned he has manage missing an "a" at the start? O.o?

  2. Great video. A lot of this should be common sense and it's just amazing how many ppl have no clue how to manage money. I truly think it's not exactly their fault either. No one is taught anything about money management or how to create wealth in school and for some stupid reason it's taboo to talk about money and it shouldn't be done. They always say there are 3 things you shouldn't talk about. Religion, Politics and Money. Meanwhile of all the things in the world to talk about at this day and age those are the top 3 we should be talking about.

  3. Wow amazing video.. i watch a lot of advice videos but rarely finish.. but his one was really productive and useful.

  4. This may sound a little silly. But I use a rewards system with myself. If I'm not working I usually make a deal with myself to do chores or errands the first part of the day, then once that's done, I give myself free rein to lie around watching movies, or do some frivolous shopping. It works really well for me because I get stuff done, and then I enjoy my leisure all the more because I know i'm handling my business, so there's no stress or guilt attached to my screwing around time.

  5. should i get godaddy bookkeeping or Quickbooks Self Employed? I sell on ebay right now and I like the idea of having the Quickbooks app on my phone to swipe business and personal.

  6. So you recommend using credit? Isn't the interest kind of a huge down side? Letting creditor's just grab money out of your account? WHAT! DUDE!……WHAT??

  7. Great video.
    I have personally found having multiple bank accounts each for a different perpose helped me,
    so like the Dave Ramsey envelope system but with bank accounts lol

    I have 5 current accounts all with one bank easy to keep track of (i think in US you call them checking accounts?)

    They are;
    1]Income account.
    2]discretionary spending account – so for eating out, fun etc.
    3]debt repayment account.
    4]direct debit account.
    5]emergency fund.

    keep up the great work mate

  8. I like this guy's energy. Moreover, he gives real, relatable examples to drive home his point. Solid.

  9. Steve,

    Love your videos and I am just getting started in the resale business. I am very excited about it. I am the type of person who plots and plans it all out before diving in, but I will dive in full force. Right now, I am setting the whole framework up for an ebay and Amazon reseller business. My question which I cannot find the answer to is this? How do you pay yourself as an entrepreneur? I am structuring my business as a sole proprietorship at this point, but I have no idea how to pay myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Again, I love your videos and please keep them coming.

  10. I would add, rather than shooting for making money you can spend on personal things, first shoot to make a set amount that you reinvest directly in to your business efforts first.

  11. A video on insurance would be great. my area was just hit by Hurricane Matthew and I started wondering what would happen if someone's entire inventory was lost.

  12. great tips….. I love Dave Ramsey & we  live a debt free life. Your best tip…..LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS !!!!!!!!! Too bad more folks don't this. Have a great day thanks

  13. Hey, Steve. When on the road shipping to AZ. How do you change the ship from address from your home address to the address of the place you are located or do you continue to use your home address that is already printed on the label? Still getting great shipping rates but not sure if its because I'm using my MI address rather than the NM address. Thanks for you help.

  14. i gotta keep my accounts separate.. will create a new bank account for my business.. thank u for the advices man.. u the best

  15. Re: eating out, snacks, etc. Those are a write off if you are the road for business as I am sure you already know.

  16. Rakein how much money or how long would you leave the moeny in your paypal account before you put it in your other accounts.

  17. You are so right cause I made that mistake starting out lumping everything into one account and found myself always in the negative cause I could keep track of what was spent on what items. Whether it was for ebay store or for home, it sucked which got me in hot water with ebay. So yes keep all accounts seperate have different account for different things. For goodness sake always read any statements you get regardless of who they are from cause you just never know. Thanks for sharing this video.

  18. Thank's for this video Steve, when the only source of income is selling online and you're at the beginning of the activity (you do not have company) What tips to keep separate personal finance and the business? Whereas maybe there are deadlines for personal fixed costs from having to comply with? Thank you

  19. GREAT info, especially about paying those CCs down and keeping ur biz and personal expenses separate!!

  20. Good info Raiken. This would make a great Green Room topic. Finances: How you guys do it, what programs/software you use. etc. Thanks.

  21. you should Def do more finance videos Steve. Change the monotony. Alot of newbies can be helped as well before they get themselves into a mess from the get go.

  22. that cup of coffee that folks drink everyday at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts should be added up just so you can see just what it cost a year!!! Holy Shitake

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