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18 Comments on “50/30/20 Budgeting | Affording Fun | Cutting Where It Hurts |Car Vlog #8 | FrugalChicLife”

  1. Once the holidays are over, I am converting the account into a Baby fund (maybe 5% a week) and in January I start a car fund (not sure how much we will put in yet). My husband is on board…then again, I manage the finances! At first he wasn't on board, but once he saw the account and what I was doing ($$$) he was all on board and now lets me call on the shots lol

  2. Whoa!!!! I've been following this guideline for a while and I didn't know it. Thanks for helping me put a name to it ??

  3. Looking at our budget, I quickly realized that we had an income problem. So for us, we chose to invest in ourselves for the past year, and make strategic career moves in order to begin the process of where we want to be. We still have a long way to go, but slowly investing in ourselves to create more income for our family has been a great move for us.

  4. Great video. My excuses use to be my incomes not enough. Now since I'm Debt free, the real problem was I never told my money where to go. It really changes your life and makes it easier to apply the 50/30/20 rule. My new goal is to payoff my mortgage.

  5. Our needs are taking 90% of our income. We have no debt besides the mortgage, but our income is small.

  6. My budget is tight but the one thing I'm Learning now is you have decline some dinner invites. I have kids and they want weekend fun too which cost money. So now I limit it to accepting 1 dinner or outing a month with friends and 1 family activity. It really allows you to choose wisely because it's amazing how much can be spent on what you thought was a simple night out.

  7. You are by far the most positive YouTuber, all of your videos make me feel good and i Love watching!! Thanks for all the tips

  8. I said I would star my car fund. Never started. However, I did accomplish all the others; cut my coffee spending and make it at home, cut my eat-out spending and plan more of my meals, have more no-spend months. Not having a vehicle has saved me money but like you, I don't want to finance anything again. THanks for this and revisiting the 50-30-20 I am going to take a closer look at my budget since I am very close to having a very balanced budget.

  9. 50% savings, 30% needs, and 20% Wants. I have a husband and we have separate expenses and accounts. I'm addicted to saving my money.

  10. I have a credit card problem, would I fit this in my 50% if that's the case I'm never going to finish paying it off! Please advice. TY

  11. Great tips. I definetly need to pay attention to my ratio and work my goals to achieve that type of balance. I just saved the book in my audible wish list. I need all the motivation I can get.

  12. I disagree somewhat. I am about saving 50% of your income. May be because my goal is FIRE -Financial independence and Retiring Early. "Save 50% your income retire in 15 years. Save 75% retire in 7 years." According to mr Money Mustache and early retirement community. But however I love your videos as always. :). Have a blessed Sunday.

  13. Do sinking funds count as part of the 20 percent savings? Or do you break up the sinking funds, because sometimes you save for wants and sometimes you save for needs but it's still saving. I'm just not sure about that.

  14. What car mount are you using? It's great – not shaking. Do you mount your camera or phone. Great topic. I, too, can't convince my hubby on cable. His beef is that he can't watch baseball with HIS favorite local announcer anywhere else. I'm like.. really?! Isn't it just baseball? Lol

  15. I've been cheating with my $1000 bs1 goal. I'm going to do 10% for savings and cut my other expenses that's not my 4 wall.

  16. When I am helping someone with their budget the first thing I look to see if they have an expense problem or an income problem! That is such a good point!

  17. Pls share what U did (a video pls) to cut cable. I'm having difficulty getting mine on board w it too

  18. The 20% for savings, does that include sinking funds or is it only for things like investments and savings for retirement or kids college?

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