Ardor Platform – Blockchain for Business

The Ardor cryptocurrency is the most up-to-date progress from Jelurida the group at the rear of NXT and the upcoming Ignis youngster chain.

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36 Comments on “Ardor Platform – Blockchain for Business”

  1. What are your Ardor price predictions for 2018? Also, will Ignis be more valuable than Ardor?

    Sorry if my questions are dumb, im new to this and trying to learn

  2. I have to give it to you man. the best crypto analysis i have come across. every time i want to know about a crypto. the crypto lar k is the first to come to mind. keep up the good work

  3. Be careful with BTC! Someone is pumping it like crazy. At some point BTC is going to fall like a rock so they can take all of your money. When it starts to fall, get your money into altcoins fast.

  4. Hey Crypto Lark! Thanks for the review. Loved it.

    Ardor + Ignis = TRUE scalability, Fast, Easy, Secure, Feature rich and Customisable.

  5. One day in the future children will dress up as their favorite super hero: The Crypto Lark.

  6. re simply smh with the crypto kitty "trendy" joke is what it is,if you build it they will come I guess tho,feel it's just the beginning of shit like this,,,,,great job as always my friend always look forward to the vids,cheers;)

  7. Holding NXT got me airdropped with the equivalent nr. in ARDR (what was it ..back in 2015), and now, had I held onto the NXT i'd get IGNIS. Not so sure about the whole thing still. It originally reminded me of the ETC/ETH split. What goes with ETC?

  8. Can you pleease do vid on Aventus???!!! Incredible company with only 6 million coin. Very low current market cap and I'm pretty sure many big music artist are already teaming up with them.

  9. Sounds good…. You know I love my iota, Cardano and dragonchain. So this will fit in nice.

  10. Hey man it's Alex I mentioned vert halving in one of your livestreams. I like your videos if you are ever in New York give me a holler broski!!

  11. Watch Ardor moon after your review just like MonaCoin did. Now to do my research into Cryptokitties.

  12. This might be a stretch for a request on a video but noone else is realy doing it. How about you try finding a couple possible diamonds in the rough kinda like what happened to Mona, Vertcoin, Pivx, Nav etc. Theres may coins out there that are less than a penny that are going to explode so lets see if we can come up with a potential couple to checkout and see if we can hit the next big 100x like MONA. Im looking at Feathercoin perhaps for one idea.

  13. I’ve been watching your channel for a few days now, can’t believe I didn’t find you sooner. You really boil down the info! Thanks for that! Great episode on nxt/ardor, I’ve been a believer in their dev team for a few years now. You should parse the darcrus project by Steven Groves his coin is Dar and Mercury it is a real hidden gem for business and he also was affiliated with nxt. Thanks for everything!!!

  14. If someone holds ARDR, will they get airdropped Ignis tokens as well?
    Or will NXT only will be airdropped?

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