Budgeting for Beginners

Listed here is how I track, take care of, and adhere to our budget. Sometimes the solution to, “really should I invest in this?” is simply just in the figures. Taking care of your revenue is key to restricting anxiety and working your house.

I have been budgeting for several years so I may possibly around simplify the procedure. Enable me know if I can enable you make perception of some of this.

Don’t ignore to click on the i card for far more video inbound links:

Paper administration: https://youtu.be/Nu7LaGXyPGs
Food Planning: https://youtu.be/3H2nFVvaAXM
How to Do it All: https://youtu.be/YAxum3tOXik

New Update April 2015: I built a new budget binder. I however use this month to month budgeting procedure, but I have integrated a month at a look website page so I can far more effortlessly track investing. I also developed a year at a look table to enable review seasons of investing and specified instances of the year that are far more highly-priced (birthday, holidays, vacations, again to university, summer months AC etcetera).

Updated procedure video: https://youtu.be/Bwqcyi11pQY

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20 Comments on “Budgeting for Beginners”

  1. i also take out cash for different spending areas! i got a separate wallet for each and labeled them so i dont pinch from other category! great video!

  2. yeah i need to do that as well because Christmas is coming up and birthdays so i need to get on my budgeting

  3. This is great! I was looking for an easy way to keep up with everything. It's so easy if with debit card to spend especially online. Im going to try this. I use the auto ship on chewy to get cat food usually twice a month. I use two coin jars to keep change and some money for each month. I'm trying to save for a con at convention coming up in October.

  4. Thank you for breaking it down and explaining how to get the numbers to get started. That is information I did not find anywhere else.

  5. Hello, I make really good money but don't know how to save… I really need help, I'm a true beginner and here's a start. I think I'm a compulsive spender..

  6. Thanks!! Those are pretty good tips I think haha, I'm going to try them:) I especially like the note thing, just subtracting whatever you spend on a certain category from a chosen dollar amount.

  7. I'm definitely going to work on this today. I really need to sit and pay attention where my money is going. I get paid twice a month. my first check basically goes to the rent. I may have a hundred dollars for gas and toiletries. then the next pay check is all the bills for the month. so I'm basically broke every month. I have a separate account with a credit union. thats money I don't touch. I have saved a few hundred dollars in that. But I would like help to budget the right way so I can have more money for personal things like clothes and shoes. Not just living pay check to pay check.

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