Budgeting With Mimi:101 and Budget Set Up for 2018

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Budgeting 101:https://youtu.be/9yDUMoNRgns

How I franken prepared my spending budget reserve with Trendsetter
aspect one: https://youtu.be/9tHrwfhPVEc
aspect two: https://youtu.be/MTH79TvUk1k


27 Comments on “Budgeting With Mimi:101 and Budget Set Up for 2018”

  1. I love your photocopies !! and your budget layout idea is a really good idea! Love your half sheet cheat sheet!

  2. This was my first time viewing a video from you but you had me at YNAB! I am a subscriber to the podcast and wanted more info on utilizing them. I currently use EveryDollar when I track our spending so again, thank you.

  3. You aren't the first to color coordinate bills. Or to have half sheets. But whatever floats your boat.

  4. I love color coordinating EVERYTHING! I started with just two colors, though because I didn't want the visual clutter. Orange is a debt and yellow is a bill. It looks beautiful 😀

  5. I love how you matched this out. That makes so much sense – I wish I could buy those stickers already made for me! I need a Cricut – lol

  6. Mimi you have awesome Tips and I am loving the Trendsetter conversion can you demonstrate how this was accomplished. Thx

  7. Great idea once again love it I have these half sheets definitely will be picking up another pack to add to my frankin plan budget planner idea I got from you ?

  8. Thanks Mimi! Love the half sheet idea. Can’t wait to see what you have instore for January 2018

  9. Great ideas, color coordination is always helpful as a legend for your personalized household planning. Young lady I have to say that you and your family will do well seeing as you stay on top of saving your money. I have a budgeting system of my own. Enjoyed your video and keep on crushing your debt!

  10. Thats a really good idea with the half sheets, and if someeone does this im gonna be like "GO GIVE MIMI HER CREDIT NOW!" LMAO

  11. love it. You help me out. sometime you do what you have to do . I was thinking about copying budget planner sheets too

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