How To Combine Finances After Marriage?

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39 Comments on “How To Combine Finances After Marriage?”

  1. There's much conviction in your answer Dave, but I've heard you recommend prenups to those bringing significant assets into a marriage. How do you rectify the two viewpoints? It seems to be contradictory…commingling all assets would make keeping track of premarital assets and their growth impossible, right? Thanks in advance.

  2. This is a great perspective! How do you handle the joint account if one person is a spender and the other is a saver?

  3. Not all marriages are the same. My husband and I have totally separate bank accounts and we're happily married.

  4. The lady doesn't like what Ramsey says. She is probably the one who is not able to combine everything and share with her husband.

  5. This is naive and narrow minded. What if she has a huge spending habit for nails and shopping and shoes. Discretionary play money should be addressed too not just bill splitting.

  6. Do money married couples that I work with have separate finances, you go so much farther when you are 100% on the same page!

  7. This absolutely boggles my mind that this isn't common sense to most people. Do you really not think about these things before marriage? When two become one, so does your finances.

  8. Wow… just read through the comments and I'm shocked at how many dysfunctional people there are. My wife and I had been calling it our money since we were married and would not have it any other way. We go through periods where sometimes she brings home more money, sometimes I do, and there's never been a time when one of us felt more or less entitled to our joint pool of finances.

  9. So many men think nope his money is his. Mine is mine. And when bills are almost not shared. Your problem is your probldm not mine. Divorce.

  10. Is it just me or does Rachel Cruze sound like Emily Elizabeth from Clifford the big red dog?

  11. hell no. you pay your bills and I'll pay mine. my wife has not help with any my bills at home. It's always one person in the relationship that doesn't contribute any kind of money at all. we don't combined our checks at all. What for , i can't use any of her money, it's gone within 24hrs.

  12. well he and i couldnt.. Since he and his mama are the ones that bought the cramped condo.. they combined her SS and his little pay and they love each other theyre more of the married couple we live in her house so its their money.. im dont want to join since his he and his Mama dont know how to save..

  13. I agree …I saw many of my friends abandonned with nothing after being home stay mums for years when their husbands got crazy with 20 years old girls ….that's a pitty and that's not fair ….

  14. So what about things like when I or he wants to go on a girls/boys trip? How do we pay for that? Or how about buying each other gifts? How do you surprise each other if you share all the money/accounts and you can see everything? Should we keep separate savings for those types of things?

  15. I like that train of thought ! I have a friend who keeps what she has in her accounts separate from her husband's. He to this day has no idea of what she has. I kinda like what she does, but there's a part of me that doesn't.

  16. just get a prenup no biggy. Half of marriages fail so prenup are a mature contract to make

  17. Joint savings and checking and then ONE separate account either checking OR savings. I don't want to see what my husband is buying for me. Anything over $100 must be discussed.

  18. This is what my boyfriend and I talk about In going to make a lot more than him and I don't want a joint savings only a joint account for shared expenses but even so I'll be paying for basically for everything percentage wise.

  19. I am with him on this one. I live in Wv where alot of people get raised to believe women are property not people unfortunately alot of people do not understand the idea of togetherness in a income.

  20. Rofl. She sounded so sad when he said that.
    BUT! Me and my husband do have separate accounts. We just don't say "this is mine and this is yours" It will always be ours. My money is counted as additional savings since I have an unpredictable income. My money is also used to test out different credit unions when we move to another state/city, (since it's only a few thousand).

    Constant patience, understanding, consistency, fairness, and love is all you need for a marriage. If both parties aren't willing to do this then you're with the wrong person or are that person :P.

  21. oh the things you say: "you're not a joint venture"
    "you can play this podcast for him, it's on the Internet now"

  22. My husband and I have this arrangement, too. He never ever indicated that he has more of a say just because he works outside the home. It's called marriage.

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