How To Find A Reliable Financial Advisor

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13 Comments on “How To Find A Reliable Financial Advisor”

  1. I’m looking to become a CFP and teach financial peace and start a business with the right morals to help people. I️ have my ten year plan and I️ hope everything works out!

  2. You need a fiduciary financial advisor. That's it. If you are advisor is receiving a commission by pushing a project, they're not a fiduciary. That's it. Then you can get into their actual strategies.

  3. "How To Find A Reliable Financial / Insurance Salesman" ?
    You can't, because they don't exist. They are all cons who would just line their own pocket with your hard earned money ! Worse than used car salesmen.

  4. Why would you get a financial advisor? Advice on what? All of the information is out there for free. I don't understand what secret knowledge people are paying for?

  5. This is only advice for someone who has money to shop around for an adviser. I believe that Joe meant "Where the hell do I find one, and how do I approach that situation in order to know if someone is right to help me."

  6. Its funny broke people give advice to become broke while rich people give advice to become rich. And rich people look like their broke, and broke people look like their rich.

  7. there really aren't any. I've had four different ones throughout my adult life, and I out performed them all, and I'm just a dumb artist. seriously. also, the older and wiser I get, the more they all resemble Bernie Madoff. sounds extreme but it's true. if you have an advisor, only allow them to work with a percentage of your investments like one-third. that way they can't lose it all.

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