Inspirational Sales Video Must Watch by Grant Cardone

Revenue Instruction specialist Grant Cardone talks to 2000 realtors about domination, real estate, gross sales, social media, cash, media and why you have to get notice in the market. This just one hour inspirational presentation incorporates the Lehman collapse and how Cardone made use of that economic dilemma as an chance to increase his firms.To Learn extra about expanding your finances, get your Free of charge Millionaire Booklet listed here:

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Grant Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author, the #1 gross sales trainer in the globe, and an internationally renowned speaker on management, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, social media, and finance.  His five privately held firms have annual revenues exceeding $a hundred million. Forbes named Mr. Cardone #1 of the “25 Marketing and advertising Influencers to Check out in 2017”. Grant’s straight-capturing viewpoints on the economic climate, the center class, and organization have designed him a important source for media trying to get commentary and insights on real topics that issue. He on a regular basis seems on Fox Information, Fox Small business, CNBC, and MSNBC, and writes for Forbes, Success Magazine, Small business Insider,, and the Huffington Submit. He urges his followers and consumers to make good results their obligation, obligation, and obligation. He presently resides in South Florida with his wife and two daughters. Learn extra at

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28 Comments on “Inspirational Sales Video Must Watch by Grant Cardone”

  1. I spit out my food when he said "I met my wife today but she doesn't wanna have anything to do with me"

  2. I’ve watched this video at least 7-8 times. Its like a book that you need to read over and over.

  3. This is just superb, been searching for "sales basics training" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Royucass Rebuttal Reverser – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my partner got cool results with it.

  4. Just wonderful, been searching for "sales team manager training" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Royucass Rebuttal Reverser – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my friend got cool results with it.

  5. The point where you mentioned no one puts Salesperson on their business card is so damn true.

  6. Hello Everyone!
    I hope you’re all smashing your month end thus far!
    I see your posts and l love the engagement here! I wanted to thank you for letting me be part of this community and I hope to share a video I made about Awareness just yesterday and felt it was fitting since I am aware of the Energy here and I appreciate being a member.
    I share hacks to d al with Sales nuances that we all face each day, this mindset had helped me endure and succeed and I hope it provides value to this circle! Thank you all for the inspiration and here mine in return!
    Keep crushing it and I’ll see you at the Top!


  7. Absolutely AWESOME, TRUTHFUL, REALISTIC, WAKE-UP CALL if you're not all ready dead mentally, PLEAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ MAKE BILLBOARDS and WAKE UP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE so we can get our country LIVING again, instead of EXISTING!!!!! Your video advice can be used in any business! Love how you love and respect your wife (and if I ever find out you cheated on her and hurt her and your beautiful children I will cover you with shame, like you've never known!!!) Thank you for this video and the one where you toured a condo in FL with your family that you were considering buying. Like quiet country fresh air (without chemtrails) myself. But nice condo. I have fear of heights too. I know now why I never heard of you. I haven't had tv in years because it's primarily garbage on it, negative new…yuk, and I refuse to waste $$$ on something that is a rip off. We should all have free internet, cellphones and local tv channels. I do have a great cellphone service, $60/mo for unlimited everything and a hotspot so I don't have to pay for expensive internet at home. You're great! I hope you will always be an honest man and a great husband and fantastic father. God bless! Keep him on your daily journal too. You can talk to him between calls! 🙂 Lana – PA

  8. Grant Cardone! John Sonmez of Simple Programmer wants to interview you on his channel, please talk with Him, he's a great guy and helps a lot of people. Please take a moment to get in touch with him!

  9. If you are a COMPETITOR how RELEVANT are you in your INDUSTRY?
    You definitely not be in the same FREQUENCY you were, come the NEXT 3 years because someone would have found a way to BREAK your RECORD, and you are always seeing yourself and your Organization in a TIGHT POSITION always on the DEFENSIVE trying to PROTECT and PREVENT your BUSINESS FORMULA from leaking and others CASING-IN on your INTELLIGENCE and beating you to it! You don't want to find yourself STRUGGLING with small boys whom you thought, but who got SMARTER through the years due to ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY and increase and UPGRADE in KNOWLEDGE and METHODS of achieving FASTER and more ACCURATE RESULTS in your field. You don't want to be pushing along and trying to beat the tide of COMPETITION, but you want to be on-top and CONTROL and DOMINATE the SYSTEM and others wouldn't be able to ever meet up with you because you are the KING!

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