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  1. we all know who her God is and he's no god but a disgusting devil.anybody that wears makeup has a jezabel spirit.haven't u noticed that all the celebrities gotta have their stinking makeup.its so stinking prideful.pride comes before the fall nobody knows that more than the devil. any church that accepts mark of the beast / rfid chip technology is not of God.God doesn't want us to be rich.people need to read your bibles only the kjv. once saved always saved is a lie of the devil.the trinity is a lie too.God the Eternal Father,Jesus,Holy Ghost are 3 separate and distinct beings that serve the same purpose which is to give glory and honor to the Father.Heavenly Father is married to Heavenly Mother.not Mary. masturbation is considered fornication which will lead u to hell and so will viewing pornography. don't wear makeup.perfume ,nail polish,witchcraft. dontmess with harmful chemicals.dress modestly.dresses for women.pants for men.

  2. Plant the seeds now for a better future! Thank you Joyce, and God Bless You & Your Ministry..

  3. Can't believe this woman is actually sermonising to others about greed and thinks she's in any way qualified to give the average Joe financial advice on debt management and the evils of lusting after worldly possessions?!!
    From the woman who spends tens of thousands of donated dollars on a few hideous vases…to name just one of her endless examples of misappropriated 'church' funds.
    You can build a school in Africa for 2 thousand dollars, and she could probably eradicate world hunger with the 80 million her 'ministry' pulls in per annum, but I guess maintaining her lavish, opulent 'rockstar' lifestyle is SO much more important!!
    What would JESUS do with all that money Joyce? Providing he would use religion to extort money from people in the first place…WHICH HE WOULDN'T!!

  4. I find this sermon very interesting after research. "While Meyer's previous salary is unknown, a recent series of investigative articles in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch revealed Meyer's ministry purchased for Joyce and Dave a $2 million home, a $10 million private jet, and houses worth another $2 million for the couple's children, who also work for the ministry. The articles also outlined Meyer's recent personal purchases, including a $500,000 vacation home. Meyer, 60, lives in Fenton, Missouri, near St. Louis." This is alot of stuff you have Joyce. Why so much money spent on things while preaching about greed and things to be mindful of. I understand being blessed but this seems an awful lot like greed .

  5. I agree with this. Wish I didn't have to live paycheck to paycheck. College, rent, and food though…. graduation soon though!!

  6. all day all night every hour around the clock already escapein papper shield protection angel in jesus name deut28 1-14

  7. What book and what chapter did YAHSHUA talk about money, The rich man is wise in his own conceit, but the poor that hath understanding searcheth him out. That's you Joyce Meyers.

  8. Just what i needed this morning. God bless all you beautiful people and have a wonderful blessed day.

  9. I put all my trust on Jesus for health, finances, and direction. I go directly to Jesus. And alone time is best way to know Jesus. I dont put my trust on people anymore cuz they will fail you. And I dont care too much for material things as much. They r other ways to be rich, having respect is one of them. I choose the Joy of Lord each day. And constant prayer is a must!

  10. wow I thank God for Joyce Meyer her sermons really inspire me blessings to you and your ministry

  11. "Why not spend your time doing something that will last?"
    This stayed with me. Thank you.

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