Mark Cuban: Only Morons Start a Business on a Loan

June fourteen (Bloomberg) — Entrepreneur Mark Cuban discusses the U.S. Economic climate and beginning a enterprise with Trish Regan at the Clinton World-wide Initiative in Chicago on Bloomberg Television’s “Road Wise.” (Resource: Bloomberg)

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41 Comments on “Mark Cuban: Only Morons Start a Business on a Loan”

  1. Mark's a great guy . He's got the balls to basically call himself a moron infront of a camera .

  2. He's rite, I started my company LLC for 843.00 and now it's making over 230k a year. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. all started out as LLCS and S. Corps for no more than 1000.00 when the first started but their brains, work ethic and effort is what brought them to where they are now not a lot of money. SUCCESSFUL

  3. took 20k loan out, turned it into a million. fuck you and your first business 'the motley' was built on a loan you took now stop talking rubbish cuban.

  4. Started my business 9 months with 10s of 1000s dollars in debt at 20% interest (from an investor), one of the decisions I ever made. I guess there's an exception/s to all things.

  5. Jokes on him. FB, Snapchat and Youtube now have live with chat lol.
    Mobile is the new TV and TV is the new Radio and Radio is just background noise when you forget to plugin your Mobile 😉

  6. Wait what. I didn't watch the video but according to the title Mark Cuban said that Loan is stupid. Are you fucking kidding me? Loan is the single most important thing on leveraging your business… Banks do it EVERYONE does it. That's why 97% of the money in the world is debt.

  7. If you take a loan with 10% interest, and the business generates 30% to 40% profit, I dont see any problem on taking a loan.

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  9. Barbara Corcoran fellow Shark, from the TV series `Shark Tank` claims she started a multi-million business with a loan of $1,000, Then there's this dude saying only morons start a business with a loan… yeah right, say that to her.

  10. This prick will misinform you cause he knows if he tells you the truth you might kick his ass.

  11. Friggin morons,,,just bcoz he did it doesn't mean squat,,,ya'll need shut your piehole ,,isten,,and use your friggin brain for somethin different than wondering what the Kardasians are doing.

  12. Starting business that you know nothing about and is just a pretty picture in your head on a loan, yes, you are a moron because there is a 99% chance that you gonna lose it all and even more. Taking a loan after you tried out the business, the staregies and know what works and what doesn't, to scale up that business, is ok.

  13. Here's a business idea I actually did when I first got into business, started it with $200. I would mow lawns, but I was different from my competition in the way I didn't use trucks and trailers. I had a small mini van I would transport my equipment. Many residential homes didn't like lawn care services because they always had trailers and equipment. Their homes were in busy areas and the equipment would cause congestion in traffic, excessive noise and unwanted attention. I would stuff all my equipment in a small van and go unnoticed when I was working in an area. I only had to care for very small lawns, but people would hire me to avoid the attention from neighbors and taking up extra spots on the roadway.

  14. To everyone saying "didn't he start his bar on a loan" yes he did, that is why he can tell you from experience that starting a business on a loan makes you and him back then a moron. Seems really simple, he isn't one to not see his place in the thing or he wouldn't be a billionaire.

  15. Ignorance and summarily dismissing most business startup strategies. What a genius. This flawed reporting is based on the fallacy that the richer you are the more you understand business.

  16. Yes – and only morons buy house on mortgage and only morons buy things on credit, you dumbass.

  17. If you take a loan for a small business your a moron: So taking a loan at 7% to open a business that can return 20-30% on that expenditure is moronic?:

    99% of small business's you can start with 'next to no capital' .. umm I think not. Think about it.

    Small business dont fail for lack of capital? Umm no .. one of the main reasons small business's fail is a lack of capital actually.

    Someone really stupid things said here by someone who is supposedly a really smart man.

  18. A moron is someone who keeps saying "ya know." And he thinks he could win running for public office? First, Mark Cuban, you need to take public speaking lessons.

  19. This guy is the definition of a self-righteous hypocrite that needs to get his ego to be in check, just to make sure he isn't an "idiot" himself. I say this because this guy as an "independent contractor" who literally bought himself off with various things on loans, just like for his BUSINESS, especially when he was on a competitive financial bubble while trying so hard to managing his budget and finances. To be a Business Entrepreneur(Business Creators, Freelancers, Owners, Investors including Motivators) you need loans to start funding your business by promoting it and to create investment deals as well. It's down right silly that I have to listen to him open his mouth acting like a hot shot. Maybe it's because he has all the money in the world(while others have it worst than others – keep that in mind) that he has owned from earning in the NBA – so he can donate it to Africa, while also spending the same amount of money that the NBA spoon feeds him with so that he can ass wipe himself with to spend it on a spa treatment after practice, a rolls royce and a hot-tub to be installed in his $1,000,000 worth-like mansion.

  20. If we all followed Mark Cuban's advice- we would still be waiving around kerosene lanterns and getting around in covered wagons. Financing is what greases the economy and paved the way for our modern lifestyle.

  21. How this guy is gonna say that….
    when he started his first bar because his neighbor Evan Williams lend him 15 thousands and bought his bar called Motleys

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  23. You are all.morons…..I believe hes the billionaire…..and you are not. So until you make even close to what he has…then i advise you to shut your mouth….and keep doing what you are doing…..good luck morons.

  24. this guy's ego is so inflated, it's disgusting, maybe one day he'll also realize that he's not going to live forever, when he's on his death bed filled with all sorts of regrets. this is also for all the other retards who's only purpose in their existence is to feed all their egos.

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