Money and Finance: Crash Course Economics #11

So, we have been placing off a form of essential dilemma listed here. What is income? What is currency? How are the two distinctive. Very well, not to give absent too a great deal, but income has a number of essential functions. It functions as a keep of price, a medium of exchange, and as a unit of account. Income is just not just payments and coins. It can be anything that satisfies these 3 standards. In US prisons, apparently, pouches of Mackerel are currency. Of course, mackerel the fish. Paper and coins work as income due to the fact they’re backed by the government, which is an gain over mackerel. So, once you have obtained income, you require finance. We’ll converse about borrowing, lending, curiosity, and stocks and bonds. Also, this episode characteristics a large zucchini, which Adriene grew in her backyard garden. So that is neat.

Particular thanks to Dave Hunt for authorization to use his PiPhone video clip. this person definitely did make an artisanal smartphone! out?v=8eaiNsFhtI8
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42 Comments on “Money and Finance: Crash Course Economics #11”

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  2. A zucchini is called courgette in the UK. At the begging I didn't even know what it was xD

  3. Bitcoins are worth so much, 2 years ago someone said 10 bitcoins are worth 2,500, now its worth like 115,000…

  4. Did they really just suggest people don't use cigarettes as money in prison anymore?

  5. There is no "Nobel prize of economics" but a private prize organized by a swedish bank in memory of Nobel which is not related to the Nobel Peace prize, for instance. It's odd to find this common mistake in such a quality channel

  6. I love this channel for giving so much information about something that I am interested in

  7. that's a thicc zucchini you got there, it has a lot of intrinsic value… better make use of it before its value depreciates

  8. The Grade based Communism – is a functional non-money economy.

    People abbility to take things depends on the greads thay have in a particular subject. If U have 1 in Physics – U cant take a telesope at all. If U have 10 – U can take one of the good telescopes.

    U can`t exchange grade it can`t be stocked, be stolen or given to to the kids. But it grants access to some goods andservices, it grants exact ammount of the goods U can take.

  9. The "money" he's speaking of doesn't exist. The dollar is currency it's not a store of value.

  10. During the record every transaction on bitcoin it is not anonymous enough. It is totally traceable.

  11. This video just summarized the first term material we teach in secondary schools in Hungary :'D

  12. It's funny most people banging their heads making money never know what money is. Nice vid, love you two.

  13. This video was created 3 years ago when 1 bitcoin was worthless. Stop your ridiculous nasty comments.

  14. They should have seen the "Money & Debt: Crash Course World History 202" before doing this one. The history of money is once again wrong.

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