My Super Easy Budgeting Trick!

I know some people do the envelope cash method with budgeting, some people have some complicated software they use and some of you might not even have a budget. What I do for budgeting is pretty simple and I thought it was about time I shared it with you!

So here is my Super Easy Budgeting Trick! And hopefully, it will work for a bunch of your budgets as well!

So what I use for budgeting.. I’m gonna call it the “Bank Account Budget System” cuz I have no idea what else to call it.

What our family has done has actually set up 10 Banking Accounts— Yes, 10!! I know that sounds crazy and a little over the top. But it has made it SO easy to manage our bank accounts without really having to do any work!

So here is what our family has:

We have one Checking Account that is our regular spending account.
We have one Checking Account this is for all bills (mortgage, utilities, etc.)
We have a Regular Savings Account.
We have a Tithing Savings Account. (For donations to our church)
We also have a FUN Savings Account.
Each Child has a Savings Account (so we have two of those) And if your kids are older, you could even get them each their own checking account so you can start teaching them about money!

Our family also has Business accounts for The Melea Show and other businesses we have created. It helps with taxes, write-offs and all that and to manage money between accounts.

✨Here’s What YOU Should Do:

Set up a regular checking account, a checking account for bills, a regular savings account, a FUN Savings account (a tithing account, if you pay that to your church) and set up a checking/savings account for your kids.

With how easy it is to transfer between accounts these days, this is really the easiest and fastest way to budget. After you have those accounts set up, this is what you do:

When you get paid, you will simply divide up the money between your accounts. If you pay Tithing, put your 10% into that account very first.

Then, add up the money in bills you have coming out that month and put that money into your bills account. You can either have your bills set to auto-pay or pay those manually—just make sure all of the money for all of your bills comes out of that account.

You’ll also want to put 10% into your regular savings account. And if you have room in your budget, you can put another 5%-10% into your FUN Savings account.

Any leftover money you have can go into your regular checking account. And it should give you a really good idea of how much room you have in your budget.

Now, if you can’t get money into the FUN Savings account because money is too tight, that’s ok. You might want to consider putting 5% into your regular savings account and 5% into your FUN savings account.

If you don’t have enough money to put into savings at all, that’s when you will want to look at your bills and see what you can cut out. Don’t feel embarrassed if you have to cut things out of your budget! We’ve had to do it many times before. There are so many things we don’t NEED. And if you can go with less or go without for a little while, it can help you build up a savings account and emergency money to have. Without it, what happens? You might put things on a credit card, and pay interest, ruin your credit score and get into a worse situation.

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