Outgoing Cabinet Secretaries met with a rude shock over their finances

Outgoing Cabinet Secretaries fulfilled with a rude shock around their funds.

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27 Comments on “Outgoing Cabinet Secretaries met with a rude shock over their finances”

  1. Ati Kenyatta wants to leave a legacy ??
    Tribalist Kikuyu Mungiki thugs that kill babies is Kenyatta's legacy

  2. Adeth Wanjeko Tell me just 1 good thing about this useless regime. 1 only na usianze kuongea ujinga ati SGR bla bla… niambie kitu kimmoja tu kile sio kitu ya kawaida kila serikali kuhitimu… like I said, you are free to publicly showcase your ignorance by lowering standards… to someone like me a responsible government starts with respecting the rule of law. It does not discriminate based on tribe in top civil service jobs, state tenders and allocation of major infrastructure. It does not use law enforcement agencies selectively to intimidate dissenting voices who have not broken any criminal codes.To some of us nchi inaendelea huwa na wananchi hawana huzuni mlo hatamoja kwa siku itatoka wapi… can go on and on… look around you and tell me what you see in our streets. Do you see a moving country or a messy society without security, no jobs, tribalism, extreme poverty, poor healthcare, misuse of taxpayer funds… kwani wewe ni mawe gani umekuwa ukiishi? Nkt!

  3. There is no legacy butcher Ouru will leave except corruption, tribalism and killing of innocent civilians.

  4. wow "president".. central Kenya's very own Murderer in chief (MIC) and Looter in chief (LIC)

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