38 Comments on “President Trump Leads a Discussion with American Business Owners and Their Families”

  1. Hear that noise?… No?  Exactly.  That's Obama's legacy fading off into oblivion where it belongs.

  2. Nice to have Every day Americans in the White house. I just a regular American. Nothing special, but the legacy of my Children. I would love to be a homeowner again, since the recession my family never rebounded…. it's truly sad. Hopefully President Trump will

  3. Mr Trump you are fantastic if only you where my president, all the best to you and your family…..God Bless

  4. These style of group discussions are always the most impressive to watch my president do.Trump is great at making America amazing

  5. Lois Lerner wants IRS Scandal sealed forever….evil to the core. What if the FBI sealed all data about Mandalay Massacre? Saudi owns the floors above 30th floor. The Four Seasons is the floors above 30th in Mandalay. Four Seasons are owned by the Saudi.
    Paddock had two planes & one sold last year to a former member of the Obama admin. Michael Hastings was investigating Obama & gun running & Libya. type: Michael Hastings type: Susan Rice's housekeeper Pray for safety of our Pres & VP & families.

  6. …great to see hardworking…american families…working together with the American President…Donald J Trump…in making America great…again…!!

  7. Once again our President hitting on what is most important to US, American business, family and American Pride. Thank you President Trump!

  8. These emails were too valuable. So there is a customer and there is a seller. Wikileaks is the dispensary, one that is motivated. The Russians were middling a deal. But didn't have the data. That was with Israeli intelligence, fortunately Jarad, was a willing Massaud inductee. He secured the data for considerations – trump is now paying. Then Jarad and others coordinated its release from wiki leakes. Israel hates Russia for kicking out their Oligarchs, and these Talmudist never do anything without layers of fall guys. So it's always like 911 it is always like catching smoke. Except trumps gang is like laurel and hardy.

  9. Finally Trump has a group of his peers that might understand what the fuck he's talking about. Although I doubt the kids give a shit about the stock market.

  10. I love the way the little boy smiled when his dad whispered something to him and the way he played with his dad's hand like it was a toy. For such a young child, he was very well behaved.

  11. Listen carefully. Very.
    What's he saying? Listen.
    He can't tell you what's on any pages of the 500 plus page of the incomplete tax document. But he'll sign it. Listen to him, he doesn't make sense. Buffalo Chips.

  12. Trump invites families to the Whitehouse, the economy, jobs it's all going absolutely brilliant. The press start screaming and shouting negative shit, that's totally unrelated at the end. Bloody disrespectful and shameful. Donald Trump was and is totally correct when he calls them fake news. Treating their president shamefully. Coming from England it looks totally gross

  13. Obama never invited these hard working folks into the Oval Office. Now we know why, the roaches in the wall would scare the crap out of them.

  14. Vote, get off your butts and go elect the troops he needs for us to win this war and save our country.

  15. I attended an official military welcome home ceremony for National Guard soldier's returning home from Iraq. I was saddened that the childrens' coloring crayons and little American flags were all made in China.  Hopefully, we will not see this ever again.

  16. The second business man was very well spoken. Appreciate those people in that room who are "regular" hardworking folks.

  17. Yes it’s a disgrace that a man that’s giving up so much for the benefit of the American people to have to experience such insulting attitude of so many unappreciated democratic scum

  18. The black man talking to trump must be one of those race traders I hear the Democrats going on about.

  19. Regardless of what is here people is say trump asked the black guy to show his birth certificate.

  20. Thank you, President Trump, for putting OUR country first. We have needed your agenda for a long time. You are truly a blessing to all of us!

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