Sales – Sales (Full Album)

one. more than :00
two. ivy two:26
3. checkin’ out 05:42
four. crash 07:forty seven
5. untitled 01 eleven:13
6. pope is a rockstar twelve:fifty six
seven. trapped in a club sixteen:03
8. mondays seventeen:39
nine. big sis 19:34
ten. jamz 22:21
eleven. be my toddler twenty five:50
twelve. thurs 6-twenty five 26:fifty seven
13. seven’s day 29:53
fourteen. sorry bro 32:52
fifteen. most effective occasions 35:twenty five

launched April twenty, 2016


20 Comments on “Sales – Sales (Full Album)”

  1. I think i'm in love of this album and with the girl that i met and knows this too. You know who are you.

  2. Why does this sound like a 5 year old threw up in the mic and continued to sing?

  3. sheesh i drown in love to the sound of her voice. it's so delicate yet it pierces you straight to the soul.

  4. Something about her voice and the music makes me so happy. And that's weird cause I'm never happy. Ya feel me ??

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