Simplest budgeting method EVER! | Envelope budget you’ve never seen

Simplest budgeting you will ever do! If you like this, you will like my other budgeting ideas in my super simple and exciting on the net budgeting method! 27 movies that you can look at on your cell phone as you clean up your home. I assurance you will save at Least what you fork out for the method, or I will refund each individual dime.
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This is a video clip of one of my most viral ideas At any time is the simple budgeting technique I designed! It makes use of an envelope, but just isn’t like an envelope process you’ve viewed ahead of. It truly is labored for thousands of families, give it a test and it can function for you much too! Backlink for no cost envelope printable is under. Hope you liked!

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42 Comments on “Simplest budgeting method EVER! | Envelope budget you’ve never seen”

  1. This is amazing! I modified it by making an Excel spreadsheet that includes date, location, +/-, and balance. I only use credit cards and this system works great! I love it.

  2. I love this! so much better than the cash only and all the little budget categories.

  3. I’m new to your YouTube! Amazing video. I️ found my biggest budgeting problem! I️ would borrow from the same category the following week instead of a different category in the same week. Something really clicked and I’m confident I️ can be successful now. Thank you!

  4. I still use 50-30-20 with a $100 a week allowance. Out of that, each $5 goes in a box.

  5. I absolutely love this! I am a spender for grocery but I have been working on couponing to the best of my knowledge I especially love that it saves all of the receipts for the end of the year as well! Will be trying it NEE YEARS RESOLUTION!!!!

  6. Omg I love this concept. Im implementing this into our budget plan. Even though we live in the 808 where prices are triple Im gonna buckle down. Would love to have you here one day.

  7. My partner and I were students this year and only bought items when they ran out and went on the list on the fridge. We didn’t save much, but we didn’t go overboard. Some weeks $30-50 lasted us the whole week! Thank you for the video!

  8. I just want to be sure I understand, we have 2 people in our home. Would it be $300/month for groceries?

  9. So in the grocery section pet food counts but do the pets count as a person so 2cats =$200 per month?

  10. You mentioned that you recommend $100 per person starting at $300. What if you are only a family of 2 for now? Are you saying we should start at $300 or $200? Thanks!!!

  11. What about one person? $100 is not enough for a month of groceries. I don’t think it would be possible to feed myself on $25 a week….

  12. I love it, love it…. I'm from South Africa. Also a family of 7. Health issues makes it difficult to get through each month. Only obstacle is that I am on oxygen 24/7. And myself and my son has epilepsy. Just thankful to be alive. You are beautiful and gave me a wonderful idea on how to get our finances in order. Never too late. Love, Lynette

  13. Love your video. Great ideas and seem easy enough to keep up. ? Love your green wall color. What is the name?

  14. I need help as a single person.
    $100 a month to feed and take care of just me.
    Help? Hints and tips??

  15. Can I ask if you include school lunch as part of your grocery budget? We spend about $100 each month for 2 out of our 4 kids to take hot lunch. Or do you pack your kids’ lunches? Thanks!

  16. I like this simple method. I'll prob use one envelope every 2 weeks. Love the idea of saving the receipts in the envelope. I've been tracking my groceries for over a year but spend waaaaaay too much on groceries. Like 3 times as much ….

  17. I love this idea with the envelope especially the part where I have a place to put all my receipts! But $100.00 per person per month for food. Wow! I don't think that is even close to possible. We live in the south and eat very clean and are 30 minutes away from a kroger's and target. Your going to drop your jaw when I say I feed 4 people and spend somewhere around $900 -1200 a month on food. I would love to bring it down without changing the way and quality of the food we eat, but it's seems impossible as I have tried in the past. Thanks for you advice. And maybe I just start with cutting my budget in half and go from there to lower it. Ps we are debt free, own 2 cars and a mobile home.

  18. What if you get paid every 2 weeks and you and your husbands pay period isnt on the same days? And you are starting with no savings, living paycheck to pay check.

  19. I feel like it's a game when I have 120 to spend for 2 weeks worth of groceries for a family of 6. I can usually pull it off pretty well. It's all my other bills…things I can't change (rent, utilities, trash,etc) that we struggle with the most. Once we can get on top of those, the rest would be easy. Lol

  20. I'm a NEW Subscriber. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your personality and your videos ,,, I'm sharing for SURE ?? THANKS

  21. Excellent tips – I find documenting what I spend in a month really opens up my eyes to my spending and allows me to cut don't on things like spending on food and miscellaneous spending to increase saving!!

  22. We are a family of 6 and I cannot see us living on $600.00 a month! ? We would be living on pasta and rice with $600.00 a month! No fruit, no vegetables, and most defiantly no clean meats! ? I can’t! I buy organic and pack school lunches for my 4 kids!

  23. I love this idea! It seems so simple simple simple! Totally subscribing. I found you through your laundry room video and have been addicted since then.
    Totally never ever getting a credit card though haha. God willing. Mum brought me up to treat credit like a wild animal, it will bite you. We live using what money we have. Since I got married needing to work on our budgeting as money is tight tight tight

  24. I'm happy I found you I better start now before I go homeless. I'm helping people beccause I'm not self fish. ?

  25. I like this idea
    My family spends under $200 on weekend and it all lasts for two weeks but again it is only two adults and one child

  26. OMG i am panicking. We do 200 a week for Groceries (=800.00 a month for a family of 4) I wonder if I could lower that?

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