Top 10 SALES Techniques for Entrepreneurs – #OneRule

Well-known business owners share their views on how you want to sale on your way to good results.

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44 Comments on “Top 10 SALES Techniques for Entrepreneurs – #OneRule”

  1. Thanks Evan… have really helped me through sharing your videos…thanks for sharing.

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  5. all of them were awesome and every attribute is used in selling so again I would have to say all.

  6. Peter sage is on point. 1st listen, ask questions that are relevant and then the sales process is natural

  7. Tim Ferris' advice was gold for me. Keep track of everything you buy and figure out what made you want to buy that product.

  8. As always @Evan Carmichael you've put together a great video. I'd recommend checking out SPIN selling.

    Most Liked: The first 2 cuts.

  9. I work in sales retail for independent groceries in Australia ( I don't know how world wide this is so I thought a lot of background was necessary ) my biggest trouble is the future. Between the current promotions we are running and the next available promotions. I find it really hard to remember or date clock the data to create the biggest opportunity for my product in these stores. Any advice would be great ?

  10. Transference of emotions
    Exchange of values
    Win/Win Outcomes
    It's easy to sell people who already want what you provide
    Remind them of their desires and needs
    Amplify pain and imply scarcity touch on their fears and frustrations
    Go for agnostics and believers not atheists
    Selling is honest, genuine, high integrity human to human conversation
    Empathy is key.
    Show people you actually care and are interested in helping them and not just about making money
    Listen and let prospect talk more about themselves and their problems
    Let them sell themselves on why they need what you're providing
    Ask questions to gage their actual need for what your product or service can do for them
    If it's not a good match don't try selling them on something you know deep down won't benefit the prospect.
    They have to be certain and have a high level of trust about you, your product and your organization
    A script is necessary like Tim Ferris says the written word can be reviewed and edited and improved upon
    Authentic connection and wanting to ADD VALUE, THATS ALL!

  11. my biggest sales advice for any one is to watch this video of yours… it can teach a lot even more then what a person can try to find by himself…

  12. My biggest sales challenge has to be getting my client on board with promoting in a way that is new to them. I run a social media marketing agency and I represent a local Restaurant. The owners have hired me to promote them but it feels more like I'm just the person that posts what they want to have posted when they decide they want it posted. I'd really like to see them flourish but I don't think it will happen from posting about small dumb deals like all day happy hour that no one sees a large amount of value in.

  13. Transfer of emotions, practising is the only way to improve, also write, identify the selling pt of every item, build relationships, ask questions, sell solutions, use free media make sure people know you, build trust and rapport, everything is selling/everyone is a salesperson.

  14. Every video I watched of yours is outstanding and superlative in the usable information contained withon.

    I learned a lot about something that I've been doing but didn't know the name of it which is consultative selling.

    It's so true that you don't just sell a product or service but you've got to connect with the people you're talking to and let them know you're genuine; that is a process and you can't rush that process. Trust is earned.

    Before I go into a company I learn everything I possibly can about the entire company from the marketing director to who runs it to who the president and the CEO. I also learn how it involved and the history of it so that I can come from a working background and we can have a better communication.

    Then the company knows from the start that I truly do care about their company enough to know all this.

    I'm not selling products and services but work with companies so I can provide what they're not doing and much like a white paper, I want to find out what they're missing in their company so that I can provide it. To find out what that is I have to ask a lot of questions, paying attention to body language, making eye contact & things like that. After all, there are many forms of communication and a great salesperson, which I hate to use that term because it has a really bad connotation in this world, employs all of the communication mediums that exist and is very intuitive.

    I work with the marketing directors and owners of companies and I find out everything they're doing in terms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc and I can provide everything from SEO web content to Imaging to customized photographs that look like paintings and other things.
    I ask the company "what do you want the world to know about your company." To do this I have to believe thoroughly in that company. I have to endorse it from a personal standpoint, and if I do then I can help them make money.

    I can share main key points that make their company unique from all others with the world, and its really awesome.
    I enjoy doing it because it's a triple win- they make money through what I do and I create what has never been created.

    That is like one of the most gratifying things I've ever done.

    Once the pictures are photographed, edited I write the feature story that outlines only the positive things about the company, do an interview face-to-face with the head chef- it takes about 3 weeks to do the project- I present it to the owners of the company and we all sit around the round table they look at it and when I see their faces and expressions. Those things say it all.
    when their eyes bug open wide and they look and they have a big huge smile on their face I know I did something very right.
    I am shooting for "wow this is awesome!" Oh this is "nice" is boring to me and not my style.
    When my clients look at the finished images and their expressions on their face show enthusiasm is is awesome becauase I proved I could deliver what I Promised.
    When they say" I can't wait to blow this up on the side of a wall" that's the that's why I do this and that's why after being a master piano teacher for 25 years, I did market research to create what was originally called Totally Inspired PC-and wanted to create a company that would arm all businesses- especially restaurants- with what they needed to be successful.

    I didn't want to be a repeat but wanted to create what had never seen before and what I knew would be in demand and what I knew I could do with the abilities I possessed.

    I hope that if anybody reads my comments they are inspired by what I say as well.

    God bless the entrepreneurs of the world.

    You are the future.

    My most sincere gratitude to Evan Carmichael for presenting these extraordinary and very empowering videos that I have told many people about.

    Once I monetize I am working on that now. And I'm working with Amazon to create a affiliate marketing plan which will add direct links to products that I endorse that are eco-friendly sustain a more positive world.

    I love your idea about creating a group where people list three things that they're grateful for and one thing we've learned is really really. It's at that would be a good group to start on Facebook but I would mention you Evan that you started one and I would say that I loved your idea Paradigm 100% willing and able to give credit where credit's due. And ever since being in honors English many years ago in high school and having plagiarism drilled into my head as to what it was I always give credit to where phenomenal ideas come from because it gives credit to you because people through me saying that one thing could find your site and could go to Evan Carmichael's believe life just by me saying you heads of this awesome idea and I hope they do every action in life has a chain reaction just like a ripple in a stream. What I hope to do is you and being is to make that Ripple in a stream an extraordinary one make it something lasting and making something that counts Evan Carmichael I hope that you and I meet because if we did we could do extraordinary things together. You're one amazing person and I'm very proud to know you and I Call You Friend even though we've never met. Paulette Le Pore Motzko,
    Las Vegas, Nevada.
    PLM Studios

  15. Great video Evan Carmichael – building rapport and building a connection with your customers is vital.
    To help build rapport I would recommend this software, monitoring specific keywords throughout the whole web, and alerting you when your keyword is mentioned – can be used for reputation management or lead gen.

  16. Evan! Great video! Going to be using some of these techniques to my daily activity. What are your thoughts on using video for prospecting?

    I made a similar video on 5 easy steps to use video in sales and prospecting, let me know what you think.

  17. 12:01 wrong. Previous guy says that you have to understand what YOUR BUYER needs and with that I agree. All people have different needs, so you should sell not what you'd buy, but what your customer needs.

  18. i Have a family business of handmade carpets i just graduated from college and trying to join the business. we manufacture carpets in India and sell over the world. My problem is i don't understand how to approach new customers and sell them from another country (how to be known to them) ??

  19. This ones a keeper for sure! Peter Sage nailed it! Do the right work up front (be authentic) and there won't be any objections…

  20. Completely agreed! Sales is a communication of value. People normally respond negatively to sale and sales people so I love how these entrepreneurs but it.

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