The Way Station – Karen & the Sorrows 1/28 8:20PM-9PM

Brooklyn alt-country band Karen & the Sorrows play “soaring tributes to lost love and… gentle and charming ballads” (Neville Elder, No Depression). Their debut EP Ocean-Born Mary is a four-part ghost story of “allusive, attractive but distantly menacing songs… Country keeps evolving, and Karen & the Sorrows are taking it to a place it’s never been before, a good and creepy one.” (New York Music Daily) The Sorrows are also hard at work helping to create Brooklyn’s burgeoning queer country scene by co-producing the annual Gay Ole Opry festival and the Queer Country Monthly series at Branded Saloon.

Karen & the Sorrows “make legit country that would make your 87 year-old grandpa from Texas happy. Well, not happy, because Karen and the Sorrows, as their name suggests, don’t write happy. They write lost and heartbreak, and goddamn are they good at it… [their] songs are quiet, but devastating, with a good mix of dirty electric guitar and absolutely haunting pedal steel….Song writer and vocalist Karen Pittelman has a delicate voice that just bleeds heartbreak in a classic 60s and 70s female country artist way. Seriously, if you’re a fan of Dolly or Loretta, you need to start listening to Karen and the Sorrows.” -Fuck Yeah! Queer Music



683 Washington Ave
Between Prospect and St Marks
Brooklyn, NY