Wealth Building Tips from a Celebrity Financial Advisor {AUDIO ONLY}

Tune In To Master Some Astounding Prosperity Developing Strategies From Celebrity Economical Advisor Rob Wilson

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25 Comments on “Wealth Building Tips from a Celebrity Financial Advisor {AUDIO ONLY}”

  1. Average folks can become debt free & wealthy too. Regardless of what are eye's & opinions whisper us

  2. The woman in the digital marketing ad has a fat a**. Anyway great information on wealth building tips. I lost focus in the beginning.

  3. This was a very inspiring talk and I needed to hear this right now. Thanks to all three of you.

  4. i love what yoy all are doing on your youtube channel. these conversations and information is very critical to our communities.

  5. I really like the example of Michael Jordan and baseball. "Are you playing the right game?"

  6. I must say, I have really enjoyed this show lately! great information! Thanks and I hope to add your book to my collection soon 🙂

  7. This was amazing. Thank you so much. I don't often comment on videos but I had to. Thank you to Rob and to you guys. Such a blessing.

  8. Tai and Talaat, thanks so much for having me on!

    Yes, my comment on focusing on "living up to your potential so that you don't have to worry about living within your means" is about thinking bigger and making a significant income and building significant wealth such that all of your needs and wants are more than taken care of.

    Now, if you develop an addiction to Ferrari's, we may have to have another discussion.

    But, I would rather you figure out how to earn enough money to live the type of life that you want to live versus cutting all of the enjoyment out of your life to fit what other people believe your "means" are.

    Hope that clears things up. 🙂

  9. People are misunderstanding his comment "living within your means"…he's not saying don't live on a budget but you just because you make $20k a year doesn't mean you have to stay at $20k a year.

  10. I see a lot of people have a problem with the" living within your means"comment. I think it depends on who you are talk about a person with debt or person who is debt free and try to build wealth. This video is full of great information.

  11. Great video! I don't totally agree with the comment about "living within your means" but still an awesome video! Thank you His and Her money! Keep these great vids coming!

  12. Thank you so much for the awesome content! I am planning on getting into real estate investing. However, i am currently in student loan debt. I will have it paid off w/i the next 5 yrs. Do you think that I should begin real estate investing (& possibly get into more debt) as i pay off my student loan debt? Or should i put all my energies toward paying off my student loans & simply educate myself on real estate THEN begin investing in real estate?
    I hold your advice at high esteem. Thanks in advance (:

  13. Really good interview, very helpful and informative. Keep up the good work, it's really appreciated.

  14. This audio was AWSOME, very informative and encouraging!! Thank you, both His and Her money and Mr. Wilson?

  15. I really enjoyed this show, but I can't agree with not living within your means, any amount of money can be blown if you don't handle it right.

  16. Good video…very informative.  I am going to begin brainstorming for some wealth building ideas…I am prepared to take action!

  17. Thank you guys so much! You could start making money for all of the free game you give out all the time! Love you guys

  18. thanks for this information! I wanting to start a business and this video really encouraged me to move forward!

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