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What does prosperity administration suggest? It’s taking care of all parts of your financial lifetime, including funds, assets, model, name, and future enlargement. Wealth is an abundance of useful possessions or funds. Administration is the procedure of dealing with or managing points or people. The base line is you cannot regulate what you do not build and you won’t build what you are not able to regulate. There is not a class in college or university on this stuff. If you don’t have money, you don’t have prosperity. If I don’t know you, I won’t obtain from you. Below are 3 basic actions to prosperity:

1) Produce it—Most people don’t know how to make adequate funds to ever save any.
two) Protect it—Few people know how to retain the funds they do make.
3) Increase it—Even less people can grow the stack they’ve acquired.

That is prosperity administration. To get your funds in buy get on Cardone College these days.



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  1. The phone call could be from a staff member. Take everything you hear and see with a grain of salt. I love Grants videos and yes he has good programs but the real estate end you don't know what he has or is doing.

  2. Good stuff as always Uncle G! Thanks for the end of year mindset adjustment when it comes to wealth management.

  3. +Grant cardone.hey Mann starting Jan 1st I'm going from $10 an hour to $35 an hour 55 hours a week.my job joined the union.my question is what can I do with all this extra cash?I don't want to blow my cash

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