Wolf Of Wall Street Jordan Belfort Talks The Art Of Sales, Quaaludes & More

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29 Comments on “Wolf Of Wall Street Jordan Belfort Talks The Art Of Sales, Quaaludes & More”

  1. This guy is right back on his criminal bullshit again. Started his new company in Australia, taking advantage of a corporate training loop hole stealing millions each year in tax money. He’s not sober either I’ve seen interviews from his previous employees that just recently quit that new company saying he does tons of coke.

  2. This is the first time envy isn’t asking dumb questions and is actually a huge part of the interview

  3. I want everyone to realize what happened here. This guy is so great at selling and manipulating people that he realized these 3 were going to come at him in a negative manor throughout the interview. Knowing that he hyped Envy up beginning around minute 4. Jordan Belfort is a genius

  4. I find it hard to respect charlamagne when he asks or baits people into his dumb race questions. Hes not very smart and he lets it be known

  5. I'm pretty sure Charlemagne is actually stupid, like barely graduate high school stupid. Either that or he doesn't listen to other people

  6. @21:00 that is so true races tend to be comfortable within their own races on that sheeeeit look at those discover cards commercials where the customer talk to literally the rep that's exactly like them, black woman customer black woman rep, Asian woman customer Asian woman rep, white man customer white man rep, Jordan absolutely right

  7. Charlemagne sitting in the corner looking pissed off and confused but with a hint of appreciation in his eyes…
    He needs to let go of the racial anxiety that plagues his mind
    He’s throwing his toys out
    Jordan out spoke him so easily made him look childish.

  8. The man is still scamming people and has no remorse. He hasn't paid back any of his victims. Don't idolize him because he was rich a long time ago. Haven't read the book no idea if it's good.

  9. I'm 23, this guy just makes you go "Damn.." Then you and think "What am I gonna do here?" Lol hell of a story so far. That's all there is to this "life" thing.

  10. I need to get more Intel than the movie. This person who's seen rich enough not to have to talk, talking about what got him there. And it wasn't his investments that made him rich, it was how he could make you invest.. That's like the best weapon in the arsenal

  11. Shawn is a lot more universally relatable than Rashawn (in those first 4 seconds of impression) – just a better way to hit that point

  12. I like how Jordan kept making the guy to his right look stupid, because that guy is clearly a hater.

  13. Charlamagne is being an idiot like always. Undeserving to be in the presence of this master!

  14. There's an old saying (that got old because it's true); If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

    Stop being part of the problem, Charlemagne. You're not helping the cause and people are smart enough to see it.

  15. what makes him so special…if he's just an average guy,where did all his knowledge and straight line theory come from?

  16. Dude is and was an informant who turned on his friends & ppl who made him rich & screwed ppl over out
    Of their money .. he shouldn’t get a pass or be walking the streets

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