How I save THOUSANDS a year! Easy Budgeting Tips that Work

The main factors Ryan and I did to help you save over $70,000 in 3 a long time and purchase our aspiration house! Quick budgeting recommendations for how to help you save more dollars and expend a lot less dollars. Extra facts under ☟☟☟

♡ R E L A T E D V I D E O S ♡

Diy Cleaning Solutions

Diy Eyelash Extensions

The Konmari Process for Decluttering

♡ I N F O ♡

♡ Setting a intention – my movie on how to make a vision board:

♡ How to vehicle help you save – I acquired this concept from the book known as “the computerized millionaire” which I highly propose looking through

Step 1: established a month-to-month spending plan
*Every month Price range Case in point* (created up quantities)
Every month income = $3000
Rent = $1200
Vehicle (payment, fuel, insurance policy) = $450
Mobile phone, cable and other expenditures = $350
Groceries and food = $three hundred
Discretionary spending (leisure, exciting, and so on.) = $200
LEFTOVER = $five hundred
Step two: Set up $five hundred a thirty day period payment to go instantly into a cost savings account (as a month-to-month vehicle transfer) ideally in a different lender so it is more difficult to obtain.

This by itself lets Ryan and I to help you save several 1000’s of bucks a yr with no even having to consider about it and was the main way we saved for the down payment of our house. It also forces us to stick to our month-to-month spending plan!

♡ Suggestions on living a minimalist life style/ how to grow to be a minimalist will be an future movie so glance out for that!

♡ How to get cost-free books, ebooks, audio books and DVDs from your neighborhood general public library
Mobile phone app: OverDrive
I was spending a good deal of dollars on books – now I use the overdrive app on my cell phone & get them for cost-free

♡ Save on cleansing merchandise – Diy cleansing item recipes in this article:

♡ Diy natural beauty solutions – this will save me near to $six,000 a yr!
How I do my individual eyelash extensions
How I do my nails tutorial coming this 7 days (Friday)
My hair schedule coming at the close of the thirty day period!

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  1. Great video thanks for sharing, wer'e trying to save for our owe house, will see when we get there. Ur video helped a lot

  2. I think Brittany's eyes are so beautiful. And I love you when you wear clothes that fully covering like this one, true elegance!

  3. you are all together for me , beautiful barbie doll, who knows everything , and have a good heart to share everything.. love you, thank you

  4. Very helpful tips… I am a motivation coach and videos of this nature help me with bringing new ideas to my clients!!

  5. I live with bare minimum. No cable, no internet, no eating out, no clothes shopping, literally nothing fun. I still can't afford jack crap, living off of $24,000 a year with 3 people doesn't allow you to save anything.

  6. Or if you don't want to do DIY cleaning products just go to your local dollar store to buy your cleaning products.

  7. "I bought Ryan's ebook!" Great video! These were great tips, thank you! I'm always making so many notes while I watch.

  8. Thanks for all of your tips. I once was able to save a bunch until I got married and about 4yrs later had 3 kids… anyway, LOL! I love the ending tho.

  9. Seventy thousand over three years comes to $448 saved per week. A lot of people don't come close to that to cover all their expenses, nevermind having that to save.

  10. My favourite way to save money where my children are concerned (I have three) is to make a Amazon wish list of items I like, could have a place in my home, are good quality, and suit my children's or my tastes and needs so when family members want to buy my children gifts I can either look on the list myself and share a link or (if they are more tech savvy) share the list. This has cut down so much on the no offence kid stuff junk people have gotten me and helped me stay organized and clutter free.

  11. Budgeting is a important basic step. In order to be financially successful, you need to learn how to invest in stock market. If you can learn how to read chart pattern, you can avoid pitfall of stock market.

  12. What I do is have things automatically get deposited into my savings then calculate what I need for bills , gas, rent etc, add in a budget to spend for fun things and only take that amount out.

  13. You are by far the best vlogger I've seen. I am obsessed! I can't stop watching your videos!!. I could go on and on. Thank you so much for sharing all you do, your dedication and superior quality. Adore you and your precious family and home too.

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