Sales Excellence – How to become a Great Salesperson

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Revenue Excellence: How to Grow to be the Biggest Salesperson in the World – Victor Antonio Below it is! My product sales rant on the final product sales manifesto for becoming the greatest salesperson in the planet. How to turn into very good at product sales? Get extra Revenue Schooling and Enthusiasm Strategies on Offering with Victor Antonio

Bio: Revenue Enthusiasm speaker, coach and author Victor Antonio is evidence that the American dream of accomplishment is alive and perfectly. A poor upbringing from a person of the roughest parts of Chicago failed to stop Victor from earning a B.S. Electrical Engineering, an MBA and creating a twenty 12 months vocation as a leading product sales executive and becoming CEO of a multimillion greenback substantial-tech company.

Prior to getting CEO he was President of International Revenue and Advertising for a $420M company. He was tasked with creating a world-wide product sales power, developing contract agreements, establishing economic pricing types and in charge of establishing the corporate manufacturer and marketing the company’s providers for worldwide acceptance.

Ahead of that he was Vice President of Global Revenue in a Fortune 500 $3B corporation at the time. Inside of a two and half 12 months time period of time he grew their organization from $14M to $98M in yearly profits. Throughout that time period of time his product sales totals ended up $162M and was picked from over 500 product sales managers to be a part of the President’s Advisory Council for excellence in product sales and management.

Global: His accomplishment in product sales and management also served him create channels internationally. He has performed organization in Europe, Asia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Latin America, Center East, United Arab Emirates and South Africa.


45 Comments on “Sales Excellence – How to become a Great Salesperson”

  1. I work at Nike. Currently part time. I want to move up. I know my demographic. I have no idea about Jordans though. So I'm going to research anything I can about the latest trends, releases, even the history! Thanks for the advice.

  2. Victor tusconsejos son fantásticos , porfavor ayúdame quisiera editar un libro como el primer mes vendí 14 carros y quisiera que me recomiendas' un lugar para seguir vendiendo.

  3. I'm 36 years old and looking for a career change in home improvement sales! Any tips or advice anyone!? Thanks in advance..

  4. watching this because I'm trying to figure out a way to confidently sell my biohazard remediation company.. maybe this isn't appropriate, I just need to learn how to be confident.

  5. If you really become GREAT at selling you will never need a job!!! Absolutely AGREE love it!!

  6. Do salespeople show vulnerability to gain trust? If yes, what's the best way to do that? Thanks Victor for all the great videos.

  7. I'm working as a relationship officer for a bank in dubai, struggled a lot in the beginning after watching your videos now I'm getting good results. ..thank u sir. .take a bow

  8. Excellent stuff Victor… I used to give small training talks once a week to the sales team in a large department store…. and something you say here i told them and it got fantastic results…. that was to switch their mindset from just seeing themselves as a sales drone for a massive company – and start seeing THEMSELVES as the business! Once they understood this concept (some more than others), OMG! what a difference, not only in sales but in the overall positive energy in that store! Suddenly, each sales person was PROUD of who they were and what they were doing! – and that showed in the sales figures and customer satisfaction… Anyway, love your videos. Keep up the good work.

  9. Hi Victor, I am selling a BI solution for CC. I am doing my best all the time to keep learning the product and the industry trends.
    But' I must admit that when I have a professional questions sometimes, I need the help of developers/project manager. Do you believe that the best salesperson should be the one with the technical knowledge? such as developer? ?or project manager?Does the fact that I apply to other professional people makes the customer trust me less? ? Thanks in advance

  10. So much informaaaation when he talks like a new joisy aunt having her coffee talk with her frieeends

  11. I used very simple methods in sales for hair transplant operation services
    and I abled to get alot of clients by following up with a system I developed
    while other competitives are spending thousadns of dollars on ads I could get alot using simple methods
    Just have a good relationship with your customer and he will refer you tens of customers

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