The Secret to Making Money by starting a small business.

A wonderful Seminar on how to get a organization going without the need of possessing to devote a good deal of money. Justis talks about how its attainable to use what he phone calls the 3 “S’s” to make successful modest businesses that do what you want them to do…in other phrases make you money and give you independence fairly than using money and time absent from you.

This 38 minute software is a wonderful primer on how to get started any organization and make it a achievements.


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  2. HAHA…it's great how hard this guy tried to look like he was actually in front of a live audience. Fake applause at the end was cherry on top. Well played sir…buy my book

  3. I have built several businesses that cost lots of time & some lots of money also. I learned that selling a product that has to be restocked is hard work that's why I chose GDI no opening another store, no shipping, no looking for the next hot items to sell that only makes profit once. A penny doubled each day for 30 days is over five million dollars. Many don't like GDI because of the small profit in the beginning they want the big money Now.

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