SALES – renee

off SALES’ self-titled debut EP

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EP Tracklist:
one. renee
two. vow
3. chinese new yr
4. having it on
5. toto
6. toto (XXYYXX remix)

artwork by Alana Questell (



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  1. this song makes me feel like rolling around in dew covered grass at dawn on a chilly spring morning i love this song so much

  2. Will I get copyrighted if I use this song for my videos? I see so many people use this song for their videos. Someone let me know please!

  3. can anyone recommend me some guitar sounds similar to sales? like in their track Untitled 01. i just love em

  4. Today you will Meet a Beautiful Stranger.Actually Hundreds of Beautiful Strangers.Everyone is Beautiful and you Know Almost None of Them

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