Extreme Budgeting

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I have refined and high-quality tuned my own own spending budget in excess of and in excess of to arrive at a expenditure of $550/month not which includes housing. This at the very least to me, it particularly lower and a pretty superior foundation to use for saving on any spending budget. I would like to share this with you so that you can compare yours with mine to see wherever you can boost on. Or possibly my spending budget is better than yours and you can give me a couple of pointers.

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27 Comments on “Extreme Budgeting”

  1. I pay mortgage and insurance. I left it out of this video as the intention was for you to compare all the other bills only. Mortgage/rent and insurance differs so greatly between people that it WILL be different so not worth comparing. Some might rent for $500, others $2500. So please only compare the bills and think about reducing them over time. Work on one or two of them every month, it really takes that long if you are switching services and trying something lower cost.

  2. How funny! I always joked that I might do videos or a blog about how I am an extreme cheapskate, and I see now that you are my match! Lol! Subscribing now!

    Btw, it takes discipline, but it pays off. You seem very young. I'm 48 and retiring in a few months as a result. I've been doing this for about 20 years and it pays off. Do you have videos on your long term or short term goals?

  3. Fantastic have anymore ideas to save money’s I live in New York’ yours will be cheaper than mine if u don’t live here

  4. Dollar general has cheap Led bulbs most of my bulbs that I keep on for a long time are LED the rest are CFL I do have a few incandescent bulbs in my basement I rarely go there.

    Do repair your own car, buy some basic hand tools, only buy the really great names in tools if you use the one or two tools more
    Brakes and oil changes at shops are a rip off brakes are one of the most simple repairs on a car the average car can have new brakes on 4 wheels for under 50 bucks.

    Brake pads and shoes are only made by a few big companies, don't fall for a better brand name the only difference is metallic and non metallic(Ceramic) shoes or pads(you are working on an old car not some exotic.

    Both my cars get over 30 mpg I plan on buying an electric a cheap one soon.

    Never buy car insurance that pays for your damage, dump the damaged car if you can't repair it yourself, if you can (only repair the things you need on the damaged car,) you can look for another car while you are driving the damaged car as long as it is safe.

  5. Thanks for this. I subscribed. I really need to learn how to save money and live on less.

  6. This is really what we need man, a movement and/or folks working on pushing micro investing to the plebs

  7. this was like the third video I watched on your channel I was really confused why you were talking about farting but then it made
    sense lol

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